Remembrance Concerts – Remembering Angel Babies

Remembrance concerts are intimate performances of Angel Baby Lullabies and story that culminate in recalling angel baby names in song.  They are healing events specifically for mothers, fathers and families who have suffered this indescribable loss.  Video clips and testimonials can be seen below.

Empty Arms Healthcare Charities Remembrance Concert, Bangor, Maine

“Her performances are absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The angels sing through her. I have never heard anyone’s voice do that so clearly. Her sensitivity in handling difficult topics, the way she weaves story and songs and the remembrance name-singing was dreamlike, meditative and healing.  Her work will touch your heart and so will she.”

– Susannah Pabot, Field of

“Listening to Amy sing was like listening to my heart speak. Her concert moved me in an inexplicable way. Amy brought my babies back to me and reminded me of my strength while assuring me that I am not alone.  Her gifts and talents should be shared as they will provide others with comfort, strength, healing, and reassurance.”

– Cathy VanDolman, Empty Arms Healthcare Charities


To arrange a Remembrance Concert in your area, please contact me.


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